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Please do not attempt to find content here that you believe to exist.
What would be the ideal format for this site? A blog? Static pages? A wiki? When I can properly manage this site and use it for its original purpose, its intended content will be no longer obscured by this filler page. Until then, this domain serves the purpose of making my email address cool. At least this page is not puke green and only takes half the screen width...

There are Post-it notes stuck to my desk-lamp's metal "shade" so that the bulb does not blind me. It's a 20-something Watt compact fluorescent (natural color filtered, it seems to be) rated to be the equivalent output of a 100 Watt incandescent bulb. The Post-it notes are indeed genuine Post-it brand sticky notes by 3M, printed with Freescale Semiconductor's logo and company name. They include a very subtle image in the background of an integrated circuit package with lots and lots of pins. Freescale Semiconductor is a spinoff of Motorola's electronics components arm. Motorola makes celluar phones now. Freescale gives tons free electronic component samples for free, which you can choose to be Fedex Overnight'ed to you (weekend deliveries) for free. There is way too much packaging for them. The box used is enormous, and packing material used is apparently sheets of paper with many short parallel slits cut into them and corrugated. It's fun to play with...


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