Eclipse + MinGW + gtkmm

Hur­rah! Last night, I was able to set up Eclipse with CDT, have it rec­og­nize my MinGW (with GCC 4, thanks to (the­se unsta­ble MinGW builds) tool­chain, and build gtk­mm (the C++ inter­face for GTK+) pro­grams through make. This was all so I could do my Com­put­er Graph­ics project on my Win­dows machine instead of Lin­ux. Not that I have any gripe with Lin­ux, only that my Lin­ux box has no dis­play con­nect­ed to it, forc­ing me to use it by remote desk­top­ping.

Building gtkmm application on Windows using Eclipse CDT + MinGW

The image shown above is my entry for the first project in the Graph­ics course, which is to cre­ate a pro­gram that can rep­re­sent points/edges in space in a 4×n (homoge­nous coor­di­nates) matrix, and apply var­i­ous trans­for­ma­tions (rotate, scale, trans­late) to that matrix through matrix mul­ti­pli­ca­tion again­st a 4×4 trans­for­ma­tion matrix. The list of edges should then be drawn to an image file or dis­played onscreen.

Project 1: retardedtranforms

The end result is that you can put a bunch of coor­di­nates in and rotate them around to see how 3D they are. 😀


Any­ways, I don’t think I was sup­posed to use C++, Win­dows, gtk­mm, or cairomm for my project, but then I doubt any­one will com­plain. After all, I believe that the out­put of it is prob­a­bly bet­ter than the ref­er­ence out­put in the project specs.

Project out­put:
script2 script3

Ref­er­ence out­put:
refscript2 refscript3