Glide Board Survey

So I’m in a team for the 2011 InVen­ture Prize at Geor­gia Tech. I’d like to get some mar­ket research done for my team’s pro­duct, the Glide Board. Here’s a demo video:

Here’s what the next pro­to­type looks like. Note the com­pact size, the mod­ern Bauhaus “func­tion over form” styling, and lack of a hand con­troller: all con­trol is done by sim­ply lean­ing.

The final pro­duct may look even bet­ter!

If you’re com­plete­ly unsure about prices, here are some relat­ed prod­ucts:

$550 EMAD Electric Skateboard

$160 Razor E200 Electric Scooter

$190 Sector 9 Longboard

$6200 Segway i2 Personal Transporter

$300 Altered Wombat Electric Skateboard

$760 Altered Drop Electric Skateboard

Also check out anoth­er styling option from Jamo: