These are my most notable projects, or if not at all notable, at least the projects I spent the most amount of time and effort on. If the link to the project does not exist, it means I haven’t yet added my work to the site, but it will be documented if/when I get around to it.

2013 – High Fructose (Universal 3 lb combat R/C controller with brushless + dual DC drivers and optional gyroscope heading correction)
2012 – Tortilla (MEMS gyroscope-based dual-brushless melty brain controller with Bluetooth connectivity for Gyro King)
2012 – BabyCorntroller (Tiny brushless motor controller)
2011 – Corntroller (Feature-packed brushless motor controller)
2010 – Maizure (My first IMU board, back when IMUs were underground)

2012 – Trayrace (Minimal parallel Monte Carlo renderer)
2012 – Conkers (2D physics game)
2011 – Dodger Dodger (Augmented reality mobile shooter game prototype)
2011 – Crumbs (Smoothed particle hydrodynamics [SPH] fluid simulator)
2011 – retardedtomasulo (Superscalar architecture CPU simulator written in template-idiomatic C++, for CS6290 – Advanced Processor Design)
2011 – retardedmultitouch (Writing Linux kernel drivers and patches to enable multitouch gestures on a Lenovo netbook)
2010 – HJMP (“The Fastest HQ9+ Interpreter in the World”)
2009 – Raxo (Rasterizing software renderer)
2009 – retardedrasterizer & retardedrenderer (ML6: Computer Graphics at Stuyvesant)
2008 – (See also the EDUbash Consortium)

2013 – Flapjack (Custom axial flux motor built into a 2 lb shell)
2012 – Gyro King (Aluminum unibody full body spinner AKA “melty-brain” combat robot)
2011 – Melty Butt (Full body spinner “assbot” made of balsa)

Electric Vehicles
2012 – Wangkart?
2011 – Velociryder (Self-balancing electric skateboard with some hardcore dudes)
2010 – HÄRDBÖRD (Hardcore electric longboard)

2009 – White (Quadricopter III)
2009 – Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest
2008 – Quadricopter II
2007 – Quadricopter I
2006 – Quadriped
2005 – Parallax Toddler Biped

Science Olympiad
2008–2009 – Harpy I & Harpy II (Sumo Bots)
2008–2009 – Foil (Electric Vehicle)
2007–2008 – Democratic Hooverbot & Nazi Hooverbot (Sumo Bots)
2007–2008 – Electric Vehicle
2006–2007 – La Cucaracha (Sumo Bots)
2005–2008 – Robot Ramble
2002–2008 – Wright Stuff

About Me

Personal logo. Copyright © 2010 Xo Wang. Hi, I troll engineer firmware, software, silkenware, and extra firmware at Google. I’m your friend from Stuy and Georgia Tech. Or you might know me from Apple, Invention Studio, Solid Angle, and Science Olympiad. You can find me in San Francisco on a motorcycle, exploding circuit boards.