A collec­tion of essays, arti­cles, or any other writ­ings that I would like to remain more acces­si­ble than the content in my post archives. Note that not all the linked arti­cles here are static pages; some are blog posts I’d like to high­light.

2013 – Inte­ger Arith­metic Contin­ued // FYI, inte­ger aver­age is broken too (see below)
2013 – Real Talk: Inte­ger Arith­metic // Fixes to absolute value from the “rock-solid” trenches of coding for embed­ded systems
2012 – Fixed-point atan2 // Expla­na­tion of a fast approx­i­ma­tion with little use to others
2012 – Steak in a Dorm // Enjoy­ing red meat in a space-deprived subur­bia
2011 – 5V to 3.3V with Preferred Resis­tors // Abus­ing C++11 in the search for the ideal resis­tors
2010 – C++’s .* and ->* oper­a­tors // Strug­gling to justify the exis­tence of an arcane C++ feature; see also part 2 and part 3
2010 – Mistakes to Make on a Whit­ted Raytracer // I wonder how I screwed up lovely pictures
2010 – US Inter­na­tional Dvorak // A keyboard layout for you
2009 – Better Spheres, Fewer Trian­gles // Compu­ta­tional geom­e­try: icosa­he­dra into spheres

2013 – Why Microsoft’s 3D Print­ing Rocks // So desper­ate for soft­ware complex­ity in 3D print­ing, even Microsoft looks good
2012 – It Was Never About the Mileage // A bitter old man yells about some­thing he has zero expe­ri­ence in
2010 – My New Logo // Why I failed English like seven times in a row and how you should inter­pret my creative output
2010 – Science Olympiad Advice // A bitter old man dispenses advice to a young audi­ence
2009 – Club­bing Science Olympiad // A bitter old man yells about a school news­pa­per
2009 – Stuy Czar // A bitter old man whines and remi­nisces to no audi­ence

2008 – Pen Spin­ning // I show you my moves