Venn Diagram (Spoiler: Quaternions)

I figure all geek blogs need some sort of Venn diagram to illus­trate some super insight­ful facts of life, so I decided to go meta and do one about my inter­ests blog.

So I’m pretty sure I haven’t blogged about quater­nions yet, so here goes: god damn quater­nions.

Also, no blood for Euler. I’m no hippie, but we need to reduce our depen­dence on Euler angles and move on to a more modern, sustain­able repre­sen­ta­tion of orien­ta­tion with no singu­lar­i­ties. I’m not will­ing to send off our young men and women to die just to preserve your lazy, deca­dent way of deter­min­ing atti­tude.

Here’s a sneak preview of what I’m doing these days (besides every­thing else):

It’s a really simple simu­la­tion frame­work for nonlin­ear recur­sive esti­ma­tion filters for atti­tude deter­mi­na­tion. Like “dynam­i­cally-compiled raster­iz­ing soft­ware renderer,” this doesn’t actu­ally mean anything, but I’m still look­ing for a good acronym. If I throw in “orien­ta­tion,” I get enough letters for “NOFEAR,” but “nonlin­ear orien­ta­tion filter esti­ma­tion atti­tude recur­sive” makes no sense.

By the way, the screen­shot above looks crappy because I made it look crappy; I wanted to post a second screen­shot later and claim that I made mad improve­ments to the visu­al­izer. It actu­ally looked pretty decent prior to the lo-fi’ing:

Yeah, so I just failed at lying for fun and profit. Oh well. Though I really do need a better model for orien­ta­tion visu­al­iza­tion than the Ohio water­spout1

I’ve got a big pset due in 8 hours and an exam in 6 hours, so I guess I better stop write-cras­ti­nat­ing.

God damn quater­nions. ♥

  1. Credit to my friend TH for the name []