It’s been two days since the Science Olympiad regional tour­na­ment for New York City, and I’m still dead tired. Boy, do I have a lot to write about! Except, I’d much rather sleep than write, or else this may well turn into a full-blown philo­soph­i­cal stream-of-conscious­ness (complete with gram­mat­i­cal mistakes and word omis­sions!) mono­logue on the orga­ni­za­tion of teams and the tech­ni­cal educa­tion of secondary school students.

Event info
Sumo Bots
Elec­tric Vehi­cle

It’s prob­a­bly a better idea to post photos.

With permission from Andrew Cribb http://www.pbase.com/andrewcribb/stuyolympiad20090207

I unex­pect­edly win a gold medal in EV, then get a surprise bronze in Sumo Bots. It works out, I guess.

I'm front and center, in a robotics team shirt instead of a science olympiad shirt.

I'm front and center, in a robot­ics team shirt instead of a Science Olympiad shirt.



I did quite well indi­vid­u­ally (though I was completely not expect­ing it), but over­all, we were beaten by a human­i­ties school. In a science compe­ti­tion. What.