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Raxo is a work-in-progress real-time rasterizing software renderer with a highly flexible, full-precision floating-point pipeline. This means that it draws animated objects and scenes using software running on the CPU instead of with hardware on the graphics card.

Raxo is written in templated C++, and I am working on using just-in-time (JIT) compilation of assembly routines to accelerate rendering, by eliminating costly conditionals in inner loops.

GitHub project: (git source repository)

Lighting sphere
If you can animate a ball, you can render a wrench photorealistically at interactive rates (à la [Dodgeball]( “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”)).

Raxo, currently in heavy development, is a continuation of my work for Stuyvesant’s ML6: Computer Graphics course, taught by Michael Zamansky. While I may later write games or demos with it, it is currently a way for me to fully explore both the “classical” and novel rendering techniques used by and developed by computer graphics researchers and game programmers. I will do so by implementing those techniques myself, in the most badass, impressive, mind-numbingly fast ways I can devise.

Goals §

Implemented features §

I really hate this sphere now. Its render screw-ups has become a blooper reel for my life.

Work-in-progress §

Planned features §

And beyond… §

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